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The other Sango had a little thing for, Miroku Tenaha."Look all you need to do is to breathe.I'm going to be right there with you for emotional support.He was in junior high, and he explained to his curious friends that his sister wasn't around a lot because she was married right after high school. He likes to play soccer and enjoys hanging out with his friends.He is very perceptive, as shown when he is asking Inuyasha for love advice.She knew that Kagome was nervous and for good reason."Kagome, would you please calm yourself? You'll survive." She said as she walked into the bedroom. " Sango shook her by the shoulders to stop her babbling. Kagome took deep breaths to calm down before trusting herself to speak again.

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Sango uses the Hiraikotsu for the first time after it was repaired, against Naraku, who is surprised by it because it greatly wounds him for he couldn't regenerate.

He states that it was attacking him with a whole different type of poison than his own as well as emitting its own demonic aura.

Hiraikotsu is much more powerful than before because it is able to not only emit a demonic aura and extremely strong poison on its opponents, but also absorb miasma/poison and disperse it accordingly, making it on a whole other level than it was before, especially against Naraku.

Afterwords, Myōga informs her that there is someone that can fix it, the sage/potions master.

After getting the weapon fixed through a trial involving the potions master's jars and the demons in Hiraikotsu, the weapon is fixed.


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