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We have also hosted a backup copy of his update script.Update 2015-01-26: If you are using pf Sense 2.2 then please refer to this newer post: pf Sense 2.2 was released - How to install VMware Tools (sort of).

Alternatively, if you really wanted to, enabling automated updates for our standard acl formatted blacklists can also be done, but does require a little additional work, just some simple scripting really.Use the pf Sense Package Manager to install the open-vm-tools package instead!I blogged before about pf Sense, the Open Source Free BSD-based router and firewall appliance that I use in my hosted virtual lab (SBHVL) to implement IPv6-capable routing and firewalling and connecting two hosts through an Open VPN tunnel.One of our members recently shared a link and a series of scripts with the intention that his works be shared with the community.If you are interested in pursuing this method, below is a link to his original blog entry describing his efforts as well as direct links to download the scripts he has drafted.I want it to work like it does over the local network so our phones just see it.


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