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The timing was rather amusing: just as Kandi was throwing shade about how she’d never do a grand opening for an uncompleted restaurant, a shady figure darkens her doorway.

About Jeffrey Kishner Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology.

He is a licensed mental health counselor and has been doing astrological counseling since 2001.

strawberry frappe, looking entirely too unworried about the fact Jimin is holding his palette knife blade down towards his latest artwork for his own liking.“I said don’t stop me! He takes another long slurp of Jimin’s frappe, smacking his lips in satisfaction. That’ll make it the”—Taehyung looks upwards, counting on his fingers— “seventh painting you’ve destroyed. Am I not allowed to vent my frustration or something? Friends like Taehyung, he decides, are fucking useless. Taehyung doesn’t even seem to care, shrugging his shoulders and taking another long slurp from Jimin’s frappe.“Yeah I’m fucking useless, but I’m not the one with the major project due in a hundred days, am I?

[toots horn]thank you for putting up with my drunken facetime shenanigans and bad typos FOR ONE!! As a result of his cynicism towards love, the gods placed a curse on this young man, jinxing him so that he was cursed to drop whatever he was holding every time he set his eyes upon the one he was destined to love for all of eternity. It’s the seventh consecutive Saturday evening he’s spent trying to forcefully come up with a concept for his major work that will be worthy of , who’s counting? “No one’s stopping you, Jimjam,” Taehyung says breezily. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”“You’re seriously the worst friend.”“I’m just telling it like it is, my bro.”Jimin sighs, slumping and letting his hands drop to his side.


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