Benji madden dating pete wentz sister

" Take Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer for example. When she was linked to Orlando Bloom - that was interesting.

But her pairing with John Mayer is, if it anything at all, is probably just a passing fancy. But unlike many stars who get hitched and divorced, Justin is content with long-term relationships.

A.-nightclub bathroom; before doesn’t rule the box office; before she’s busted for D. when he diagnosed America’s fascination with the antics of a group of B. F.’s, and sometimes frenemies, “Britney and KFed, and Lindsay and Paris and Nicole,” as nothing less than a “serial obsession.” Paris was the most Googled person on the planet in 2006, while Gore himself didn’t break the Top 10.

They’re the sort of boys who look like they might be on a reality show or a CWTV sitcom, or in some band.

says it found coke in her wrecked car, and she once again enters rehab. She’s got a halter top on, low-slung pants, no bra—the type of outfit frets is spawning a “generation of prosti-tots,” because all the girls love Lindsay, their Little Miss Sunshine. J., bouncing excitedly next to her on the banquette; they’re B. F.’s (Best Friends Forever), as the gossip columns say, when they’re not claiming the two are secretly lovers, as they will in the next news cycle.

Louden Wainwright's third wife is actress Ritamarie Kelly, and his fourth child, daughter Alexandra (Lexie) Kelly Wainwright sings on Louden's latest album.

The celebrity dating-go-round spins fast, with pop stars changing partners as often as they do their hair colors or styles!

And it doesn't guarantee a long-lasting relationship. ) After just two months together, Paris and Benji are still in their honeymoon stage. Remember her engagement to Greek shipping heir Paris Lastis? And Nicole was a notorious party girl before settling down with Joel. Heidi made headlines last year for her breast implants. Related stories: Your 15 Minutes Of Fame Are Over: Go Away!

Norah Jones is the daughter of Ravi Shankar, Randy Bachman's (BTO) son Tal is also a musician. Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of Astrud Gilberto of 'Girl From Ipanema' fame. And this one blew me away-LMFAO's Red Foo is the son of Motown mogul Berry Gordy. "The Cohen/Wainwright clan is particularly intriguing." Indeed.


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