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I've seen it in men and women from 10 years old to 95 years old and you can develop it at any point in your life," Dr. "There's the temporary 'I just had garlic and onions on my sandwich at lunch' bad breath, where these pungent flavors linger in the mouth and lungs," Dr. And then there's bad breath caused by bacteria in your mouth, which is halitosis.

S., of the Fresh Breath Center and Brooklyn Smile in Brooklyn, New York, tells Buzz Feed Life. So you shouldn't be ashamed if you have bad breath, even though it can seem super embarrassing. S., spokesperson for the American Dental Association (ADA), tells Buzz Feed Life.

The number of Puget Sound orcas has fluctuated in recent decades as they have faced threats from lack of prey, pollution and noise disturbance from vessels.

The orcas were listed as endangered in 2005, and now number 78.

The findings in a new study raises concerns about the potential role of infectious diseases as another major stress factor for the struggling population of endangered Puget Sound orcas.

Those orcas' breath samples revealed microbes capable of causing diseases.

Scientists followed the whales as they swam in Washington state waters and waited for them to surface and exhale.Is out North Dakota, South Dakota are in the top 5 what is #2? Friday 04/28/17 60% of drivers have one of these in their car, but never use it. cassette player Wednesday 04/26/17 9% of men are impressed by a woman who can do this. Bake a cake from Scratch Tuesday 04/25/17 The average guy will do this almost 1200 times this year, while the average woman will do it fewer than 800 times… Lie Monday 04/24/17 What percent of people think dinner and drinks is cheating? Try to deal with it matter of factly, even if it embarrasses you a little. (Besides, if your child isn't yet preschool age, he'll probably have trouble swishing and spitting.) Just make sure that his teeth are brushed several times a day. Tuesday 07/25/17 90% of women have used company time to do this. look at wedding pictures Monday 07/24/17 A survey asked people to name the best-ever board game. Clue Thursday 06/08/17 A study found that 1 in 4 men never ever do this… Ironed their clothes Wednesday 4/12/17 13% of people would rather do this than their taxes. ” Spend a Night in Jail Tuesday 04/11/17 20% of men are attracted to a woman because of this. ” Resembles their mother Monday 04/10/17 The average kid will do this three times a year? Stay Home Sick From School Friday 04/07/17 If they could be President of the United States, 21% of kids said they’d eat ice cream every day. Sleep until noon Thursday 04/06/17 25% of women say this is sexy and turns them on. Scottish accent Weds 04/04/16 6% of parents have done this during a large Easter egg hunt. ” turned (sprained) an ankle Tuesday 04/04/16 What is the Most Wanted Candy for Easter. 06/16/16 This year, Americans will waste about 170 million of these…


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