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— needed." He predicted Inflation would slow to' between 8 and 9 percent next : : day in turnw U-Wednesday- as in- .vestors continued to flail wildly In the iwake of last weekend's moves by the 'Federal Reserve Board to tighten : ^credit and raise Interest rates; : On Wall Street, the stock' market plunged sharply amid an avalanche of ■ Ptamt _Mvy-lradlngrbut- later recove "--•-leave^^-Ww— Jones- ind ustr lal= "average down ' 8.27 points — a shallower drop than Tuesday's 26.45-pafnt decline, . so frenzied that the -volume of stocks bought and sold quickly broke lost year's record of 66.37 million shares and delayed the Canal firings lawsuit -In overseas markets, the dollar fell sharply amid concerns about a U. recession and higher oil prices, while gold prices continued to rebound, Jumping .50 an ounce on the London market to M 12 an ounce. The' administration also sought to squelch rumors on Wall Street that further credit-lightening actions were ■e-frdng co nsi de red ;-* Both Carter and his top economic advisers hava endorsed Fed's latest credit-tightening acllons. ~ MEN'S HAGGAR BLAZERS & SLACKS 25-33% off Texturlted- polyester, blazer,- reg.- -: 39-.9»r6ibcks, reg. - ■ Men's Shirts OLGA& WARNER BRA SALE 20-33% off Save on Olga ond Warner-bras In a variety of stylos and slzos. At Wifs End Imagine you're a child again • By ERMA BOMBECK - ; © Field Enterprises, Inc. MB fyttil a 'lifetime of ih'outjng, "We'll see," and wonders II a convent will take a woman who Mnsiijcrs Sara Lee a god. Most of all he was disturbed about the students' courtyard.

'ous~~nbout " t hc~rnnrkct ■ -Veac Hcn, : '-toe*-to the hustings -Wed-" ncsday to try to calm feats that 'the' Fed's weekend actions would signifi- cantly deepen the recession. Schultzc, chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, told an economists' group In New York that the move " -year— . He said achieving a balanced budget Is still "a very high priority" In the administration. You with the neglected roots , Who luis-to take a glycerine pill acf ore you go Into your son's bedroo m " who. : Voters will elect a now mayor and .three council members, two to four- year terms and one to a two-year -term— -_ _„_ L Y— Two-more i Kimberly ~? "The only thing that can take place 4a-wrlt*-ln-v--' -Stlmpson'sjob^ not even Sthnpson: - "l: Miller said several had: eipressco T' : As Tuesday's deadllne-to file peti- tions passed, six city council can- didates emerged, but no one had placed his name on ballot for mayor In the Nov. that doesn t produce people who are year terms and one for a two-year w Uling Jo Jflke_Jhflj»s U_lt_wlll_b(i — tcrrn,Classified Roof job riles board, ,720 bill held up By C ARC Thnea-Newa writer The' Cassia* County - The board agreed not to pay the bill until the cleanup operation was satisfactorily completed; ~ Wednesday momlng BUI Roberts of —BURLEY School Board has decided not to pay a — WV30^1Uo^4ooal H^tng-company^ — Robortt Roof ingrhls- eon t Joseph- Rob — raiaed^i80Wor-U»ls-eourtyai Burley Junior high principal Lovell Turner demonstrated the damage.

Let's travel back to Milwaukee, around 1915 or so. Fuel and lubricants paled in comparison to the chemically engineered products we use now.

Perhaps most importantly, many of the real secrets of internal combustion engines had yet to be unlocked.

So these Harley Flatheads don't really need a lot of work to turn them into a true Bobber.

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Compare this with, say, a Honda CBR1000RR, which has a stroke of only about 2.25 inches. Now, remember the poor lubricants and substandard metals of a century ago?The Flathead Bobbers website is dedicated to all Bobbers, Choppers, Oldschool motorcycles and Custom bikes powered by one of the many versions of the classic Harley Flathead Engine.While - technically speaking - a Bobber is a stock motorcycle with all parts removed that do not contribute to speed, you will note that most of those Flathead powered Harley Davidson D, V, W, U and K models are already very Spartan looking as they come.A year later, the Harley D was joined by the V models which sported a 74 ci version of the Flatty.Six years later, in 1936, an 80 cubic inch Flathead became available with the introduction of the Harley model UH and ULH motorcycles.The sidevalve arrangement was once the most common across all motor industries (automotive, agricultural, marine, aviation, and others), but it has since fallen from favor in most multicylinder applications, such as automotive and aviation, having been displaced by overhead valve designs.


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