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For Tweet, the singer has gone a decade without calling someone her significant other.Earlier this year, she told XONecole that she is ready for a husband."I have this idea that God will whisper or say, 'Hey, that's your husband!' and that'll be that and I won't have to go through all of that and he'll just be perfectly made for me," said the singer who released her fourth studio album Charlene earlier this year."And then all that dating will be out the way and I'll just know it's for sure. At the time, the singer admitted that it was a bit of a challenge dating a pastor, because some feel she’s not an appropriate mate since she sings secular music. Pastor Jamal Bryant proclaimed on national TV that he has met his "last lady" in R&B singer "Tweet," eight years after his divorce."A year ago I was walking through Times Square going to an Oprah Winfrey movie premiere and I bumped into R&B Singer Tweet, who is my absolute favorite female singer in the world," said Bryant in the final test episode of "The Preachers" on Friday.“It’s about all the tea that I have to spill on the faith-based world.” “I was in that world, so I have inside dirt information,” she added.Singer Tweet has found love…and it’s in the church.

Gizelle Bryant, who stars on the Bravo series "The Real Housewives of Potomac," divorced the Baltimore pastor in 2008 after infidelities led to him reportedly fathering a child with a woman in their congregation.

But that's in my perfect world, you know."Until that day comes, the songstress who rose to fame with her popular song called "Oops" about sexual escapades in 2002, is working on a gospel music album."I'm doing gospel. But my message will be different than it was before and I think people right now are hurting.

For years, Phaedra Parks has been accused of texting with a mystery man while she was still married to Apollo.

It appears that the R&B artist has been in a relationship with Pastor Jamal Bryant of Baltimore-based mega church Empowerment Temple AME Church.

And her appearance in a recent episode of the “Preachers” talk show, in which Bryant is a host, indicates they are ready to make their love public.


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